FirstMaster Security

Firstmaster Security is the provider of choice for all your commercial and domestic security needs. We are close to the communities in which we work and we thoroughly understand the security concerns of the businesses and people who work and live in them.

We are here to provide support and assistance 24/7. We are quick to respond and keen to provide a custom-made service that is highly individualised and effective.

On this site you will find a comprehensive guide to all the security services we provide. You’ll see how domestic and business security form part of our integrated approach to community safety. You’ll understand why Firstmaster Security is the provider of choice for business and domestic customers.

Dedicated To Helping Local Business Protect Themselves…

First Master are dedicated to helping local businesses protect their premises, properties and vehicles against damage, vandalism, theft. First Masters ethos is in supplying secure but innovate bespoke security services so you have peace of mind that all your properties, employees, visitors and stock are completely secure.

Everyone of First Masters bespoke security operations are available as a stand alone service or we are also more than happy to combine our services to offer a one stop security solution.