Manned Guarding Services

Manned Guarding Services

Security guarding refers to any activity involving the deployment of security guards to protect or secure property, valuables or persons. There are three main categories of security guarding:

  • 1. Site security
  • 2. Retail security
  • 3. Venue security

Site Security

Firstmaster can provide uniformed security guards for site security, including

  • Gatehouse duties including entrance and exit protocols
  • Vehicle searching
  • Employee searching
  • Perimeter patrolling
  • Patrolling and checking the security of locked buildings

Retail Security

Uniformed security guards are a highly visible deterrent to shop lifters. Firstmaster guards are trained in

  • Spotting sneak thieving
  • Speed thieving
  • Entry and exit monitoring
  • Powers of citizen’s arrest and handcuffing techniques

Venue security

Venue security doesn’t just refer to licensed premises. It may also be required at special events, conferences and hotels. The main purposes of venue security are to

  • Secure the perimeter of the venue
  • Control entrance and exit points
  • Resolve conflicts between customers or between customers and members of staff.

Firstmaster’s venue security staff are all trained in conflict management and in how to preserve a crime scene.

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